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Elearning @ DLSS


Learning today has no boundaries and is no longer limited within the four walls of a traditional classroom setting. Our Lasallians, who are the digital natives of today are also naturally comfortable and adaptable when using technology. In a recent 2014 survey held in our school, it was found that 95% of our Lasallians are equipped with at least a computer and Internet access at home. 

These are favorable factors which De La Salle School has tapped on to add value and support the learning of our Lasallians. In year 2006, our school's E-learning Portal was introduced to all Lasallians. 


Our E-learning Portal

Our E-learning portal enables our teachers to create IT-infused lessons and course packages to supplement school lessons from home for Lasallians’ self-paced and supplementary learning. 

Through the E-learning portal, Lasallians will have access to: 

  • Communication tools such as forum, blog, email, announcements and surveys.
  • Access online worksheets (with auto-marking function) and course packages assigned by our teachers.
  • Comprehensive and interactive learning resources and materials for Mathematics, English, Science and Mother Tongue designed for Lasallians’ self-paced learning.
  • Access to the online encyclopaedia and dictionary.
  • Educational games and activities.
  • E-Portfolio system to store and share their works. 

The functionalities provided by our E-learning portal is extremely wide. Through this E-learning portal, De La Salle School aims to use this platform as a means to encourage Lasallians to:

  • Take charge of their own learning
  • Be engaged in their learning
  • Collaborate and share their knowledge with their peers
  • Publish and take ownership of their works 

Lasallian Log On


Lasallians will be able to log on to the E-learning portal in school or at home via this URL: http://lms.asknlearn.com/dlss/  


Parent Log On 


Similarly, parents may log on to the E-learning parents' portal to monitor your child’s progress through the Parents Portal link found on the main page of our E-learning portal.  


The logon details for parents are:
    Child's UserID : [Your Child's Birth Certificate Number]
          Password  : parents