Latest News

  • Green Wave 2014 - How to plant a tree, How to care for a tree
    Green Wave 2014 - Photography Competition
  • Student Care Centre - The school is now in the process of selecting a vendor for the student care centre. When ready, the vendor will make an announcement on the application procedures.
    Tender for setting up and operation of a school-based student care centre in De La Salle School is now open in Gebiz.
  • Application for Phase 2B Parent Volunteer Application for 2016 P1 Intake - is open from 3 March to 15 May 2014. Please click to download the Application form.
  • For parents who are dropping-off your children via Gate C, please be informed that the gate will only be opened at 6.45 am. Thank you for your kind attention in this matter. You can view more details of the opening timings of the various school gates over here.
  • Please click here for De La Salle School's Haze Situation Updates.

  • Parents in Education (PiE) website: for resources to help parents better support the education and development of Lasallians.
  • Lasallians can now go to for online books purchases.


Our Vision Our Core Values

Lifelong Learners, Caring Citizens



Our Mission Our Motto

Enabling Lasallians in a Lasallian community to learn how to learn and to learn how to live; empowering them to be persons of integrity and persons for others.

Semper Fidelis. The Latin Words mean "Always Faithful". They remind us to be always faithful to God, our country, our school and our family.